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Highland gate Highland gate Opens the so-called Royal Route that leads through the streets of Long and Long Market for Green Gate view
Gateway Street. Long (Torture House and Prison Tower) Gateway Street. Long (Torture House and Prison Tower) Prison Tower and the Torture is a medieval band Long Street Gateway. view
Royal Chapel Royal Chapel The only baroque church in the main city of Gdansk. view
St. Mary's Basilica St. Mary's Basilica Called the "crown of the city of Gdansk" is the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the largest brick Gothic church in Europe. view
The Crane The Crane It is the largest port crane in medieval Europe, one of the most distinctive buildings in Gdansk. view
Uphagen House Uphagen House Uphagen House is located on St. Long 12 and is only restored in Gdansk with his middle-class apartment house design. view
Green Gate Green Gate Before we built this stately building, became the oldest here Gdansk Kogi gate, dating from the XIV century. view
Golden Gate Golden Gate Built in the years 1612-1614, designed by Abraham van den Blocke in Renaissance style. view
Lady from the window Lady from the window Every day at 13.03 (in summer from June 1 to September 15 also on 15.03 and 17.03) with a peak adjacent to the tenement window, Artus Court - New Bench House looks to passers-by figure depicting a young XVII-century inhabitant of Gdansk. view
Artus Court Artus Court For many years he was one of the finest of its kind in northern Europe. view